Spring Flavours

The streets of London are buzzing with excitement  – a vibrant new spring menu has landed on our tables. Authentic but modern flavors meet a warm ambiance – and the aroma of freshly prepared dishes fills the air. patrons eagerly gather to indulge in a symphony of taste and tradition.

From delicate courgette flowers stuffed with Monte Enebro and fried in tempura to savory Calves liver served with fried paleta, each dish is a celebration of Spain’s rich heritage and the season’s finest ingredients.

Join us as we begin the season with plenty of culinary discovery and for an immersive experience, don’t forget to get your tickets to our Grand Tour of Spain supper clubs!


Cheesemonger's Chice

You’ll find a new special cheese at every restaurant – lovingly revived in the 80s. Mild, citrusy, mushroomy. Fine texture, velvety rind. La Bauma Garrotxa selected by our Cheese Room experts.

Garrotxa is a re-invention of a traditional cheese of the region; it has a rind covered with a grey natural mould, pel florida, and a bone white, dense, semi-hard paste. The aromas are fresh and lightly acid, the flavour has notes of citrus and mountain herbs.

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